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Aloha to the seniors and their families in Newport Beach. There is so much to do in Newport Beach. Take the Balboa Island Ferry to the island, or to the Peninsula. Spend a day on the beach, or walk along the boardwalk and piers. Stroll about the shops on Balboa Island. Newport Beach is nice, peaceful, and scenic. Not to mention the many yummy restaurants there like Mama D’s Italian, Ruby’s Shake Shack, and The Beach Comber cafe. We know that you’ll feel more comfortable being out and about in town or at the beach with a with a companion who will help with the housekeeping so you have a clean home to return to. Additionally, we know that a caregiver can help you feel more relaxed if neighbors or family members stop by or if you want to go out and visit. Let us help you enjoy more time in your city and give you the peace of mind that comes your senior life journey. Having a care giver doesn’t create any restrictions on your lifestyle. On the contrary, it may allow you to once again get outdoors, and be more active again. More so, if you are disabled, an in home care giver may be just what you need.

Every home is an island, and every islander needs a companion. If you are elderly and or disabled, you probably need a caregiver. Islands Home Care is a great choice for you and also has a strong reputation in your area.

Islands Home Care is a world class premier home care referral agency. Whether you are requesting 24 hour support for a loved one, or you need a care giver a few hours every day around the house, we can make sure that you get the same referred care giver every time.

10 Reasons to choose islands

  1. Islands Home Care is a solution brought to you by Aloha Maids which has been servicing the Newport Beach area and all of Orange County for over 7 years with the BEST reputation in your area.
  2. Islands Home Care will follow up with every referral to get feedback and to make sure you and your islanders are well taken care of.
  3. Islands has online or phone service available 7:00am- 7:00pm Mon- Sat. Or you can email any time to get a friendly receptionist to respond or take your call.
  4. Islands Home Care is the only care giving agency with friendly “Aloha” spirit.
  5. Islands will be referring only the best care givers in the world.
  6. Payment is simple and automatic through our online service portal.
  7. All of Islands Home Care referred care givers are met in person and background checked for your security.
  8. Islands Home Care is locally operated and family owned. We will take care of each islander that is referred a caregiver like a family member.
  9. Islands is committed to executing, high quality service, commitment, and follow through. Communication is key to us and we want you to know how much we care.
  10. Islands has an office in Newport Beach, you can make an appointment and visit us at any time.



I’m looking for a care giver, what are my options?


The workers are screened, and background checked. They are legal to work in California and are responsible for filing taxes at the end of each year. The agency may keep track of customer service ratings with follow up phone calls and surveys. If you are not happy with the referred domestic worker, you can ask for a replacement.

With a domestic referral agency you will be assigned the same professional to your house every time unless you request someone new. Your referred professional earns more money with each job. Therefore, they will work harder to earn your business. With modern technologies, A referral agency is able to send out automatic text alerts and email alerts to remind you of upcoming appointments. If you want great value at a low cost, and you believe that companies should follow state regulations, and hire people who are legal to work in California, you should hire through a referral agency. Islands Home Care is a domestic referral agency.


Employee Based Model hires employees to provide home care. They streamline their care giving processes and provide mandatory training. They may wear uniforms. Legal home care companies are typically more expensive than Domestic Referral Agencies. The care givers make significantly less than with a referral agency. As a customer you are not likely to have the same employed care giver every time.

If you want to hire a care giving company with legitimate employees, probably the only way possible is to hire through a national franchise company. Most small businesses in California that offer domestic service are either black market companies or referral agencies.


Black Market/ Most Small Care Giving “Companies”

There are a lot of care giving “companies” that are operating on the black market. Many of these businesses do not declare taxes, and do not even hire their “employees” with a W2 form. These companies are operating illegally in order to avoid tax responsibilities, and to avoid paying workers compensation insurance. The majority of Islands Home Care competitors operate this way and make many false claims in their advertising.


Web Based Platforms

Another business model to be aware of are Web-Based Platforms. Platforms are business models that allow you to use modern technology such as an App to book appointments using your phone or tablet. Most of the platforms are out of compliance with the California Civil Code. In most cases, they do NOT do a proper background check. Platforms also give you limited to no office support and often don’t even have a phone number to call.