I’m looking for a caregiver, what are my options?

Domestic Referral Agencies

The workers are screened, and background checked. They are legal to work in California and are responsible for filing taxes at the end of each year. The agency may keep track of customer service ratings with follow up phone calls and surveys. If you are not happy with the referred domestic worker, you can ask for a replacement.

Domestic workers usually only work part time and are readily available at any given moment. With a domestic referral agency you will be assigned the same professional caregiver to your house every time unless you request someone new. Your referred professional caregiver earns more money with each job. Therefore, they will work harder to keep your business. Credit cards or automatic transfer may be used and stored safely with a referral agency because payments are taken automatically through a 3rd party software. If you want great value at a low cost, and you believe that companies should follow state regulations, and hire people who are legal to work in California, you should hire through a referral agency. Islands Home Care is a domestic referral agency.

Employee Model/ National Franchises

Employee Based Model hires employees to do caregiving. They streamline their caregiving processes and provide mandatory training. Some hire skilled nurses to provide medical care. Some provide non medical caregiving only. They sometimes wear uniforms. Legal caregiving companies are typically more expensive than Domestic Referral Agencies. The caregivers make significantly less than with a referral agency. As a customer you are not likely to have the same employed caregivers every time.

If you want to hire a caregiving service with legitimate employees, probably the only way possible is to hire through a national franchise company. Most small businesses in California are either black market companies or referral agencies.

Does Islands Home Care Referral Agency hire independent contractors?

The answer is NO. Islands Home Care does not hire “Independent Contractors.” Islands Home Care mostly refers “Independent Domestic Workers.” The difference is that domestic referral agencies are required to follow the California civil code. The Independent Domestic Workers DO NOT have their own employees.

Buyer Beware

Black Market/ Most House Caregiving “Companies”

There are a lot of house caregiving “companies” that are operating on the black market. Many of these businesses do not declare taxes, and do not even hire their “employees” with a W2 form. These companies are operating illegally in order to avoid tax responsibilities, and to avoid paying workers compensation insurance. The majority of Islands Home Care competitors operate this way and make many false claims in their advertising.

There are other companies that also pose as HCOs when they are referral agencies or Care Giving companies that hire independent contractors. In most cases it is impossible for a company to have Employees and Contractors working as caregivers. These companies are out of compliance with the state, and are most likely going to fail an audit.

Buyer Beware

Web Based Platforms

Another business model to be aware of are Web-Based Platforms. Platforms are business models that allow you to use modern technology such as an App to book care givers using your phone or tablet. Most of the platforms are out of compliance with the California Civil Code. In most cases, they do NOT do a proper background check. Platforms also give you limited to no office support and often don’t even have a phone number to call.

May I tell the referred domestic worker what to do?

You may tell the domestic worker what to do, just don’t show them how to do it. If you get too involved, you may inherit employment responsibilities. The best way to avoid this is to leave a written list for the referred domestic worker before they begin the work. After the work is completed, we suggest doing an inspection with the worker before they leave.